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Accelerate field technician soybean training with the “SMART Soy” app

For companies interested in scaling-up soybean production, the timely training of field technicians on good agronomic practices is critical for standardizing production methods, arming field staff with the knowledge to make informed in-field decisions, and achieving a high return as a result of well managed fields.

SIL’s SMART Soy app supports technician training and education efforts by providing:


A summarized guide containing much of the guidance that SIL communicates to our partners participating in soybean variety or agronomic trials.

Game Strategy Plan

A content framework to jump-start building a soybean training program.


A pocket reference for field technicians working with farmers growing soybean.

The SMART Soy app responds to this need for accelerated soybean familiarization and training by condensing the lessons from SIL’s SMART Farm agronomic trials and putting them directly in the hands of field agents

The app covers topics ranging from pre-planting field considerations, planting methods, guidance on soybean developmental stages and diseases, tips on fertilizer application, seed storage, and much more. SMART Soy is a standalone application that does not require an internet connection to function.

“The SMART Soy app is really the next step for SIL’s SMART Farm agronomy team. In the SMART Farm trials we work with partners to help answer the question ‘How do I grow soybeans?’ Within two or three seasons, many partners find an appropriate answer to this via the trials. The question for these advanced partners becomes, ‘How do I effectively spread this information to my field extension staff for implementation?’ The SMART Soy app is specifically aimed at reducing the amount of time it takes to transform a soybean novice into a soybean expert.”  


 -Dr. Eric Sedivy, SIL SMART Farm Program Manager

Download HERE!

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